PUMaC 2014 Division A Finalists

PUMaC 2014 Division A Finalists – First 302 – 1:30pm Name Team School AJ Dennis BCA1 BCA Akshaj Kadaveru TJA Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology Alex Katz BCA1 BCA Bill Yan Huang Pirates A WW-P High School …


PUMaC 2014 Power Round Released

The power round has officially been released! Coaches, if you have not received the power round in your email, please email us at pumac@math.princeton.edu. Good luck!


PUMaC 2012 Results, Problems, and Solutions

Here are the links to the: 2012 Problems 2012 Solutions 2012 Division A Results 2012 Division B Results 2012 Power Competition Results Rubik’s Cube Competition Results For scores of individual students on your team, please log into the coaches section. …